Weekly 8-ball Shootout

Due to popular demand for a weekly event, iCue Lounge is pleased to announce a weekly 8-ball competition, run every Tuesday at 8:30pm.

If you are a keen pool player wanting a competition that is light, fun, and exciting, then this is for you! Entry fee is only $5, and 100% of it goes back into the prize pool!

Single-frame, knock-out competition means that you don’t need to be a pool pro to have a good chance of winning.

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Entry Fee

$5 per person


Click here to register! Please note registration closes strictly at 8:00pm every Tuesday, and no late entries will be accepted. Registration for the this competition can only be made in person between 6pm and 8pm Tuesday.


BO1, knockout competition.

The draw will be randomised and, depending on the number of players participating, some players may have to play an extra game.

The entire competition is expected to last 90min.


Buy-in available for those knocked out in the first round ($5 buy-in). One ball handicap given to immediate opponent, unless that opponent is also from buy-in.


100% of the entry fee goes into the prize pool.

2nd place receives double his/her entry fee paid. Winner receives the balance of the prize pool.


Being on time is paramount, and late shows may be disqualified from the competition.

Special Rules

  • No requirement to call pocket except on the 8-ball
  • One ball handicap: given to female participants, and opponents of buy-in players (i.e. they will only need to pocket 6 balls legally before being eligible to pocket the 8-ball, the 7th ball will be removed from the table after the 6th ball has been pocketed legally).

Otherwise, Standard WPA 8-Ball Rules apply. Please familiarise yourself with the WPA 8-ball rules by visiting here.

FAQ re: Rules

  • Who breaks? The player who wins the lag chooses who will break the first rack.
  • 1-ball or 8-ball on the spot? 1-ball
  • Who wins? The game is not over until the 8-ball is pocketed legally or the opponent concedes. Otherwise, do not assume the game is over.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Click here to register!