Like iCue but don't like to queue? Make a booking today and, if confirmed, we'll make sure to have your tables ready at the booked time.


There is no alcohol before 5pm

Bookings can be made for any time and are usually accepted with sufficient notice. However, please note that iCue Lounge is licensed from 5pm daily, which means that alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted to be served before this time.

Minors are permitted to enter and remain in the venue after 5pm only if accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. 

Can I book a table for an hour?
You can book one table, but minimum is for 2 hours.
Why does the cost seem so high for a booking?
Each booking includes a Food & Beverage credit (bar tab) that can be used to purchase food and drinks over the counter. The balance after subtracting the table fee from the booking cost is the amount given as F&B credit.
What can I buy with the F&B credit?
The F&B credit can be spent on any food or beverage sold over the counter in iCue Lounge. You can find a link to our F&B Menu above.
Can I order drinks before 5pm?
Of course! However, drinks before 5pm are limited to non-alcoholic beverages only.
My friends are not yet 18, but I am. Can we come in after 5pm?
Minors (under the age of 18) are NOT permitted inside the venue after 5pm, unless if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Peers are neither of these, and therefore your friends are not allowed in after 5pm.
Can I make a booking for X number of people?
Yes - of course! However, bookings are specified by the number of tables. As a rule of thumb, 4 people per table is a good number if everyone is playing, or 6 per table if some are just spectating. Ultimately, you are free to decide how many tables you may require. We do not have a specific maximum patron number per table, but anything more than 10 is going to feel overcrowded.
Can I extend if I need more time?
If there is availability and the waitlist is empty, you are more than welcomed to extend. Normal table rates apply.
Do you provide a host as part of the booking?
A dedicated host is not provided as part of a regular booking, but can be arranged for larger group bookings. For large group bookings of 6 or more tables, please email us at [email protected] or using the contact form below.